Muir Valley


Bringing a Group to Muir Valley?


First off—If members of your group are paying you or the organization/school/company that you work for, you are professionally guiding. If so, click here. If not, continue reading.


If your group numbers more than six, please follow these guidelines:


1. If at all possible, please contact the Muir Valley owners prior to your trip here. They can help to make your visit go more smoothly. Muir is a busy place—especially on weekends. Please respect others' rights to access the climbs.


2. Please don't monopolize the routes. If you put up a rope, either use it, let others use it, or take it down.


3. Please keep the chatting to a minimum. Noise from radios and yelling out beta can be very distracting to others in the vicinity and can be a real safety concern when a climber and belayer are not able to hear each other.


4. Please do not put up hammocks. They are rough on trees and often take up space in areas where access is needed.


5. If your group includes members relatively new to climbing and belaying, please be sure they wear helmets and use back-up belayers.


6. As with all visitors, please practice Leave No Trace ethics and use the restrooms provided in three locations along the Valley floor.



Crown Jewel of the Red River Gorge

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