Muir Valley

Crown Jewel of the Red River Gorge


Frequently Asked Questions

What IS Muir Valley?

Just the best rock climbing venue in North America, but we are a bit predjudiced.

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Who owns Muir Valley?

The Friends of Muir Valley organization. Muir Valley was founded by Rick and Liz Weber, who purchased the land in 2004, developed the climbing, and managed the Preserve until March 2015 when they made a gift of Muir to Friends of Muir Valley.

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But, I'm not a climber. Am I still welcome to hike around and enjoy the scenary?

Do I need to sign a waiver to climb in Muir Valley?

Can I bring my dog, a hammock, a six-pack, and a couple joints?

What about critters? Is there anything in Muir that will eat or envenomate me?

Where can I pitch my tent or rent a cabin?

Where can I get bite to eat?

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