Muir Valley

Crown Jewel of the Red River Gorge


We did it !

Early in 2014, Muir Valley founders and owners, Rick and Liz Weber, issued a challenge: that if FOMV could demonstrate the commitment and ability to fund future operation and maintenance of Muir by raising $200,000 in 2014 they would make a permanent gift of Muir Valley to Friends of Muir Valley.


Over the past 11 years, the Webers spent more than $1 million of their own funds and years of work to purchase the land, develop it into the treasure it is today, and manage its operation. Their goal was to ensure that Muir Valley would continue to exist and to be available as a climbing resource beyond their lifetimes.


This $200,000 goal was to include all donations made directly to Muir Valley in 2014, as well as all donations and grants to Friends of Muir Valley. This challenge was met with an incredible response from YOU, the climbing community. In a short period of 9 months, the masses of climbers who frequent and cherish Muir Valley have, through their own generosity, blown way past the goal! A noteworthy aspect of this success is that the majority of the funds raised (more than 85%) were from hundreds of individual donors.


On Saturday, April 4, the Webers handed over the deed for Muir Valley to Friends of Muir Valley. From that point forward, FOMV is responsible for owning, operating, and maintaining Muir Valley. We fully accept the fact that ownership comes with great responsibilities.


To you—the many thousands of climbers who have loved and wholeheartedly supported Muir Valley through the years, we cannot thank you enough. You have demonstrated how much this place means to you and have spoken, not just with words, but also with your donations of money and effort in making this dream come true!

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