Muir Valley

Crown Jewel of the Red River Gorge


Requirements for

Professionally Guiding

in Muir Valley

(i.e. Your Clients are Paying Either You or Some Organization Money to be Guided in Rock Climbing)


All guides, either working independently or with guiding companies, must be approved by the Muir Valley Owner—Friends of Muir Valley—prior to guiding here.


All independent guides and guiding companies must have guiding liability insurance in effect and “Additional Insureds Certificates” on file with the Muir Valley owners prior to guiding paying clients in the Valley. These Additional Insured Certificates should list Friends of Muir Valley (FOMV),  Officers and Board of Directors of Friends of Muir Valley, and Richard and Elizabeth Weber, Muir Valley's previous owners.


All guides must fall into at least one of the following categories as it relates to their credentials:


1. Guide currently certified by the American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) at the level of Single Pitch Instructor or higher.


2. Guides, whose certification has lapsed, but has not been revoked for cause, must have successfully completed training by the AMGA in either the Top Rope Site Management or Single Pitch Instructor programs within the past ten years.


3. Apprentice guide, who is working toward completion of his training and certification with AMGA and who is working directly for a guide who meets the qualifications spelled out in points 1, or 2 listed above. This apprentice guide, when with a client(s) at the cliffs, must be in sight of and under direct supervision of a guide who meets the qualifications spelled out in points 1, or 2 listed above.


Guides working in Muir Valley must have an up-to-date certification in Wilderness First Aid or, preferably, Wilderness First Responder. Guides must be fully knowledgeable of Muir Valley’s Emergency Procedures.


Guides agree to notify the FOMV prior to guiding any clients in Muir Valley, specifying the following:

• Name(s) and contact information of the guides (who must meet the qualifications outlined above),

• Date(s) of guiding in Muir,

• Number of clients in their party,

• And, if more than 4 clients, the wall(s) within Muir to which they plan to take their clients.


The preferred method of notification is by email to or a phone call (or message) to 606-668-9066 is acceptable. The guide does not need to wait for approval or confirmation by Friends of Muir Valley.


For each guided group both the climber and belayer must wear climbing helmets when climbing, belaying, and when in the immediate area where climbing is taking place.


Guides must be familiar with and ensure that both they are their clients follow the WARNINGS AND RULES published for the general public at Muir Valley. And their clients must sign a Muir Valley WAIVER prior to climbing here, either on this website or by paper waiver available at the kiosk at the main parking lot.


Muir Valley is developed, maintained, and operated by donations and volunteer labor, with the the expenses and labor being paid for by FOMV. Neither the owners, nor any of the other volunteers earn any money from use of Muir Valley. However, rock climbing guide services do use Muir to earn money.


Your clients, by paying your guide fees and by tipping you for your services, usually assume that they are paying you for the complete experience, including providing the location. Please consider either recommending to your clients that they donate for use of the property or by making a donation yourself.


Click here to see a list of guides and guide services approved to guide in Muir Valley.

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