Muir Valley

Crown Jewel of the Red River Gorge


In the Event of an Emergency

1.  Ensure that the accident scene is safe and that the injured person(s) and others in the immediate area are out of danger.


2.  Do not attempt to move a seriously injured person; keep him/her still and as comfortable as possible.


3.  Identify the person with the highest level of wilderness medical training and experience available in the immediate vicinity to attend the injured person.


4.  Because cell phone reception is non-existent in most of Muir Valley, find the nearest emergency radio station (Marked with red stars on this map), unscrew the bottom of the tube, and retrieve the 2-way radio. Push and hold the ON button until the radio beeps; it is now on. Push the button on the left side to talk and state that you are reporting a medical emergency.


a.  If your call for help on the 2-way radio is answered, describe the emergency and its location. On most days, Muir Valley Rescue volunteers will be monitoring this emergency channel, however, there is NO GUARANTEE that volunteers will be monitoring the radios at the time you report an accident. Release the red button to listen. Radio reception can be poor – keep trying. When you get a response, tell them which wall is the scene of the emergency, or the station number from which you are calling.


b.  If your call for help on a Muir radio is NOT answered, then send someone to the parking lot—where cell reception is good—to call 911. That person is to:


i.  Call 911 and explain the nature of the emergency to the Wolfe County Emergency Dispatcher. Tell them to send both an ambulance AND the Wolfe County SAR Team.

ii.  Give the dispatcher directions the Muir Valley Emergency Road – NOT the parking lot: 2316 Ky Hwy 715, “Turn in at Weber Valley Lane and follow that road until flagged down by a person who will report the accident location.”

iii.   Stay on the phone until released by the  dispatcher and remain at a place where you can receive calls to your cell phone from Wolfe County emergency.


5.  Contact the Webers by phone (606-668-9066), one of the emergency radios stationed throughout the Valley, or send another runner up to the Webers’ home (beige with green roof). From the valley floor, take the shortcut trail that enters the woods behind the Emergency Rescue Cache Building. It goes directly to the Weber’s house. The driveway heading north directly out of the main parking lot also goes to the house. The Webers are trained Wilderness First Responders and, if they are available, will coordinate rescue activities needed. (No guarantees the Webers or other volunteers will be available!)


6.  Station someone on the emergency road that runs the length of the Muir Valley floor near where the injury occurred. This person should meet the Wolfe County ambulance service and SAR team when they arrive. IMPORTANT NOTE: Wolfe County EMTs will usually not leave their ambulance to reach an injured person and do not have a rescue litter. Muir Valley Rescue has a litter & first aid supplies in the small blue Emergency Rescue Cache building at the bottom of the north trail that goes down into the Valley. Wolfe County SAR Team also has a rescue litter.


7.  Report ALL accidents in Muir Valley requiring professional medical attention as soon as conveniently possible to Rick and Liz Weber and the Muir Valley Manager, Roger VanDamme, at these numbers:

Muir Valley home: 606-668-9066

Weber Cell phones: 317-402-0118 and 317-402-0123

Weber Indianapolis home: 317-291-0354

Roger VanDamme: 317-855-3015

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