Muir Valley

Use Muir's Practice Anchors to learn how to retrieve gear safely.


Practice Anchors are located at numerous locations throughout the Valley at which climbers can safely learn how to clean anchor systems after they have climbed and need to retrieve their gear. These Practice anchors are positioned about 8 feet up on the wall so that the person doing the instructing can easily observe what the climber is doing and offer coaching as needed.


After cleaning the anchors, the responsible means for descending is via a rappel, rather than being lowered off. Ropes in this part of the country become embedded with sand, which turns them into very effective abrasive cutting tools. The top anchor hardware wears away very quickly by a sandy rope being pulled through it under the load of a climber being lowered.


Click here to see a photo instructional tutorial on how to safely clean a top anchor system and rappel off a climb.

Crown Jewel of the Red River Gorge

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